Thank you so much for having so much patience with us and never giving up on us "YOU R THE BEST!'

We love our new home.

Marty and Judy

Thank you so much for everything.  I really appreciate all of your help and your kind words helping me through selling and buying my new home.  You truly are wonderful.


Many thanks for your friendly and efficient real estate services.

Mike and Mabel

Thank you for making what might have been a difficult process seamless.

Virginia and Pauline

Horst told me all about the bidding war when he came home last night.  He was very happy that the house was sold to a family and so am I. The house will live on in that family.
When we first met you we noticed that you went through the house slowly and carefully, really giving it your full attention and  your full imagination. That’s why we liked you so much.
Thank you, Dorinda, you did a wonderful job! We really appreciate all that you did for us.
Keep up the excellent work

Horst and Margaret

The house closed today and everything went very smoothly.  I am very satisfied with the price and process of the sale and this is all because of your help.  Thank you again.  On Sunday, I will be going back to China.  I wish you and your family all of the best and I hope that your business escalates.


Consider this a rave review... of your star performance.  Thanks for doing a great job.  We could never have done it without you.  Thanks for everything.

Joanne and Mike

Tyler and I both wanted to take this opportunity to thank Kathleen Anne and Dorinda for all of their hard work in selling our home. Even though our home was a revolving door they managed to make it a pleasurable experience and got our home sold in less than three weeks. Their patience, expertise and personable approach were greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend using The Dorinda Orser Team.

Laura and Tyler

This is the 3rd time that I have used Dorinda Orser and I have developed a friendship as a result of my dealings.  I very highly recommend her to everyone I know and I know of at least 3 people who have used her as a result.  All were extremely happy with her service.

Elsa and Dave

After living in our home in Uptown Waterloo for 27 years, the time came for us to seriously think of selling the home and move on to our next stage in life.

The home had been on the market on several occasions with real estate salespeople only interested in listing on the MLS and having someone else do the selling. The house is listed and that is the last you hear until the listing expires or it is suggested you lower the asking price.

In our case, we were finished dealing with any real estate people until, at an open house, we were introduced to Dorinda Orser and were very impressed with her style and determination. A meeting was arranged for Dorinda and her team (daughter Kathleen Anne) to visit our home and evaluate the property. A price was set higher than any other real estate salesperson suggested the house would sell for, but this was the price we felt our home was worth because who knows the home better than the owner? (if they have done their homework, and they should.)

The salesperson also has to feel comfortable and confident with the listed price to be able to sell the property.

At no time did Dorinda suggest a lower price, as this was a unique property, and stated it could take time to find the right buyer.

Yes, it took 4 months and Dorinda and her team did all the work necessary to sell the home at slightly under the asking price which was our agreed price from the start.

For us, after watching and listening to Dorinda and Kathleen Anne handle the many questions and situations arising with the sale of a home, we would strongly recommend the "Dorinda Orser Team".

Harvey and Joan

Thank you so much for all your help in making our dream home a reality. It was a pleasure working with you -- you are kind, professional and very personable. Some day, when we outgrow our home, we'll be giving you a call.

Emily and Shawn

Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect home. All of your hard work, patience, and encouragement is greatly appreciated. You made our journey in finding and buying our first house a positive and fun experience. We will definitely be recommending your services to our friends and family. You may even hear from us in the future if we decide to move again. Thanks again! You are definitely the best! :)

Morris and Azure

Mark and I wish to thank you so much for all your hard work in selling our home and in finding us a new one. I can only imagine the challenge it must be to work so hard while raising a family at the same time. Thank you for being so patient and understanding and helping out whenever possible.  Thanks for a job well done!

Mark and Julie